Tiger touch 2 controller
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Tiger touch 2 controller
Material: iron,Circuit board
Color: white
DMX channels: 6144
Model: VC-TT2
Warranty: 1 year

Dual core processor i5CPU, faster 2.5 G, Kingston 120 gb solid state hard drive 4 gb of memory.

Support Chinese menu display and built-in many languages.

A built-in 15.4 -inch touch screen and extensible external a 17-inch touch screen.

Built-in UPS power supply to avoid ac 220 v power convenient save data.

Support Artnetua and can be extended to 12 6144 DMX output channel.

Ten macro buttons can edit any program.

20 replay push rod support 10000 virtual replay.

Powerful CMY palette.

Support graffiti type handwritten named function.

Support the CITP protocol can preview server or built-in digital light material.

Set aside the external wi-fi access point, the Ipod Touch and iphone can be used for remote control.

Built more than 1000 world mainstream lamps light library and built-in Personacity Boilder lamp library editor to write software. The built-in stage Visualiser visualization simulation software, support for video.

Provides MIDI time code control, remote replay button and pusher by MIDI.

Built-in pixel mapping generator and a built-in graphics. Gross weight: 30 kg net weight: 12 kg

Service guarantee

1 year warranty
offer free replacement ,
but customer need to
pay for the shipping  
Payment method

Telegraphic  transfer
Bank transfer
Western Union
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